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Season 2 and new peeps

Hey all! Just wanted to drop a quick line about the excitement that is the premier of season two. I'm sure we all know by now that the date is set for Saturday, Sept. 17. Now as much as we want to take all the awesome and wonderful fun things we'll see and apply them immediately to the game or to our characters, it kind of goes without saying that we need a little grace period for spoilers. Some of us work on the weekends, some of us can't watch until it's posted online. Bottom line is, not everyone will be able to watch it Saturday morning. Because of this, we are going to have a No Spoilers Rule. It will last three days and will be lifted the following Tuesday mornings. So for those three days, nothing you see can be included in game. Clear enough?

As far as activity goes, please be aware of the two week rule. If you don't show significant activity in a two week period, you will be removed from the game. No exceptions. Except vacations, illness, and death. Other than that no exceptions. And if you are going to be away, please leave us a note here. We'd rather see something saying, "Hey, I'm going to be gone for this amount of time," than left wondering where you are and if we should/can include you in any plotting we're doing or not.

Also, Welcome to our new Cherilee! Be on the lookout, more characters are coming soon. I have no idea when, but soon.

Comments, questions, concerns, fantastic recipes?




My girlfriend and I are trying to set up a character account together, and we followed the instruction on the wiki, but the both of us can not figure out live journal to save our lives, so I am asking for a bit of help with the survey, or if their was another way to do this :) thank you. Oh, and we chose DJ Pon3 btw because we saw that the poor dear had been neglected so far

Re: Hello?

Hey there! I know there is nothing specifically in the rules about it, but it is preferred that there be one player to a character. If you're still interested it's quite easy from here!

Just copy the application in the scroll box in this entry and paste it into a comment to the same entry. Fill it out, hit submit, and we go from there. ^_^

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