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1. You gave me the go-ahead. Now what? Now set up your account, friend all the previously established characters (don't forget to tweet MLPUpdates and let us know!) and jump on in.

2. The Mane cast is already taken. Can I be one of them anyway? Like twins? Let's ask Spike. Spike, what do you think? Well...there you have it.

3. You guys are so cool! Can I follow you just to stalk and not actually be part of the game? Um, yeah. Why not? Do it. Do it now.

4. That _____ really isn't Canon. Yes. What's your question?

5. I'm done playing. What now? Just let MLP Updates know so we can take your character off the taken list and make him/her available.

6. So and so has been dead forever but it says they're still taken. Can I challenge? If a character has clearly been inactive for at least two weeks, said character is open to be picked up by someone else.

Just copy and paste into a comment below. Obviously fill in your answers first. Don't post it blank. That won't get anyone anywhere.


Who are you? Tillie!
Who do you want to play? Rarity!
Why? because I think I can actually do her justice. One of my favourite things about ponies is that I can relate to all of the mane six in some way. I work from home so I should have lots of time to update twitter, haha. Do I get bonus points for occasional silly doodles?
Tell me something you find super duper interesting about this character. Super, DUPER interesting? Well, okay. I think it's pretty interesting how she says she is from Ponyville, yet Ponyville was founded by Earth ponies. When did her unicorn parents migrate? When did ALL the unicorns and pegasus move in? Let's hear that story.
How familiar are you with the FIM cartoon? I've seen every episode multiple times, and am familiar with most "fanon".
How familiar are you with Twitter? I think I know basically everything there is to know.
How would your character respond to a surprise party? "OH...MY...GOODNESS! You shouldn't have! Er... Spiiike, could you move that table a smidgen that way? I have simple the BEST friends a pony could ask for!" etc etc
How would your character respond to an infestation of parasprites? I'm afraid I don't understand this question. Do you mean how would she react if they came back? She'd board up her shop and completely disappearing from the episode unless she has an instrument to offer, I assume.
How does your character handle rejection?</b> Pretty dramatically. I assume she'd swing wildly between binge eating, retail therapy, and wallowing. Maybe not binge eating. It's be a shame for a filly to gain weight. Then she'd have to adjust all her clothes!
Dreams? Life goals? Getting married to a delicious piece of eye candy and becoming famous for her clothing designs. Yep.
What would your character do if they were told they could achieve that dream/goal? What if they were told they couldn't? DRAMATIC HAPPY! Squealing for hours, celebratory make-overs, getting hijacked as an excuse for a party, etc. dramatic saaaadddd... Well, back to the wallowing. Forever. That's her purpose in life, man. It's not like she can get her cutie mark surgically altered... can she? Is that an option? Maybe she'll become a crazy cat lady for reals.

I think that covers it.
Hey there! Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but there are three mods so we needed all opinions.

The way your app is now you actually sound more like a Pinkie Pie than a Rarity. Not entirely in replies and reactions but because of the way it's written, it's hard to see the Rarity through it.

Would it be possible for you to write up something with her? It doesn't have to be insanely long but long enough to show us you do have a good grip on her mentality and perhaps include a little conversation with someone else in there as well?

Then we can figure out if we fit or not.
I've probably never felt so busted in my entire life. I wasn't aware I was supposed to write the whole thing as Rarity! I was kind of just writing... as myself. I was getting in character on my journal like a creep yesterday though:

"I have repainted my hooves THREE TIMES today, and if they get messed up one more time, I am going to have a meltdown!

WHY is the hot water gone? How can I bath Opal with no hot water!!?

WHERE is that little black dress I ordered? WHY ISN'T IT HERE YET? I'm going to have to wear my *gasp* old, GREY dress out to the gala tomorrow! *dramatic flop*"
Sorry. We've just had issues before that are making us be extra careful. I know this is a pain to ask, but we just posted more of a formal application. Would you mind going over that?
It's perfectly okay to skip any questions you've already answered, but if you want to revise your responses the new app would be the place to do it. <3
Who are you? I'm Elyntari, but you can call me Tari since it's easier to pronounce ^^ I'm an avid pony fan, and have been since G1. I was introduced to FiM in June 2011, when I started noticing all the pony references that had become rampant on the internet.  Being curious, I started watching the show on Youtube, and I've never looked back.
Who do you want to play? I'm interested in playing Raindrops.
Why? I really like the fact that she's a background pony with no "canon" personality. This allows me to be creative and develop her personality, interests, and flaws myself. I picked Raindrops in particular because she's a pegasus (my favourite kind of pony), and she really stuck in my head from the scene where she and Derpy dropped various heavy objects on Twilight Sparkle.
Tell me something you find super duper interesting about this character. That she's a blank page. I'm essentially free to make her into any kind of character that I want!
How familiar are you with the FIM cartoon? Extremely familiar. I have watched Season 1 all the way through at least 3 times, and all of the currently available episodes for Season 2 at least twice.
How familiar are you with Twitter? Honestly, not very familiar at all. However, I have been reading through the Help section and FAQ, so I think I have a pretty good grasp of how it works and how to use it.
How would your character respond to a surprise party? Raindrops is extremely bashful and embarrasses easily. She focuses all her time and energy into helping others, but when others offer to help her, or she is put in the spotlight, she becomes very awkward and uncomfortable. She is not a pony who wants to be the center of attention. Her response would probably be: "Oh wow, a party! Who's it for? …Me? *blushes* Oh, um… you guys shouldn't have. I really don't deserve it."
How would your character respond to an infestation of parasprites? She would try to help in any way that she could, but it would probably go horribly horribly wrong. You see, she's a strong flier but on the ground… she's a total klutz. It's as if her wings understand what she wants them to do, but her legs just aren't getting the message. As long as she stayed in the air, she would probably be some help, but if she tried to round up the parasprites on land… well, it's more likely she'd end up tripping over a loose root, tumbling head over hoof, and landing right in the center of the rounded up parasprites, sending them bouncing off into all directions.
How does your character handle rejection? Due to her deep-seated desire to help, she can be a little sensitive when it comes to rejection. Particularly if her offers to help are turned down. Her response would probably be to blush, apologize, and then go off to sit alone. This combination of a desire to help, clumsiness, and sensitivity to rejection can sometimes make dealing with her a bit frustrating, but you just have to keep in mind that she is only trying to help and try to tailor the tasks you give her to involve flying, rather than walking.
Dreams? Life goals? Her special talent is literally making it rain. She is skilled in herding rain clouds and making sure they get to areas that could use a good downpour. She currently works as a member of the Cloudsdale Weather Team, and really enjoys it. Her dream is to one day be in charge of the Raincloud division. That way she could help out as many farming and gardening ponies as possible. Her life goal is to help out her fellow ponies in any way that they need, and to put a smile on their faces.
What would your character do if they were told they could achieve that dream/goal? What if they were told they couldn't? If Raindrops was promoted to the leader of the Raincloud division, she would blush and profusely thank all the ponies on the weather team for helping her dream come true. If she was told she would never be made leader, she would blush, apologize profusely for whatever actions she performed that made her ineligible, and then fly off to be alone.
Hey there! Okay, without beating around the bush there are a few matters I want to point out. One big area of concern is her personality. The timidity is an issue simply because we've already got one Fluttershy and don't want another one. On the same note, while it's good to be able to explore and develop interests and flaws as you go, having some idea of who she is before you start is important.

We've had issues in the past of ponies coming in as a blank slate (also leaning toward the timidity trait as it happens) and it just became a big mess. We're really working hard to avoid Mary Sue characters and the problem with background ponies, just like with OC ponies, is that too little idea on who they are can lead to that.

If you'd be willing to change her personality a bit - not saying take away all of her timidity and make her super confident - but make her personality sound less like Flutterhy, that would be a good thing. Also, figure out a basic idea of who she is. Her goals and her clumsiness on land are great! But what else is she about?

We're replacing the survey with more of a formal application now. If you're still interested, perhaps filling that out would help.
I understand, and you bring up some valid points. I'll take some time to develop her character a bit more, and then I'll re-apply using the formal application. Thanks for the input!



Name:P&C, but you can call me McChiken Or alias
Best Way to Contact You:E-Mail

Character Name: Vinyl Scratch AKA DJ-PON3
Cutie Mark:Two Eighth notes
Mane/Coat/Tail Colors: A stark White coat and Two toned blue tail and mane
Body-type, scars, markings:
Virtue: (If you were an Element of Harmony.)
Occupation:The most kicking DJ (possibly the only one) In all of equestria
Residence: Ponyville, Formally Manehatten

History: Born in Manehatten, she grew up surrounded by the big city life which she loved so much, and she soon grew to an age where she was attracted to the local night life, and such her love of music was sparked.
She soon started studying music, the art of DJing in particular, as she loved listening to Daft Pony and Deadhors5, and during her first gig for her friends, she finally got her cutie mark.

It was after that, that she resolved to travel all over Equstria acting as DJ all over until she eventually decided that she had found her true home in Ponyville.

Personality:Loud, fun-loving, carefree, but serious when she needs to be. She really hates stress and other things that could ruin her time

Likes, Dislikes: Likes: Loud Music, her goggles, her turn table, and Parties. Dislikes: Classical Music, storms, heat
Family, Allies, Enemies: Octavia
Habits: She frequently hums to herself or seems to literally march to her own beat
Pets: She would love to have one, but she currently does not have any

Writing Samples: Getting ready for this weeks Pinkie party! I know everypony is going to love it! I have a killer playlist set up!

Plot Ideas: Not required but if you had anything you wanted to throw out there for plot ideas, this would be the place to do it!

Tell me something you find super duper interesting about this character. I think she is a great unknown, but the fans have made enough of a basis, that I think my GF and I can bring a lot to her, and do her justice
How familiar are you with the FIM cartoon? Very, My GF watched a ton of it, then her and a few of my other friends convinced me to watch it, and I fell in love with all the characters
How familiar are you with Twitter? Extremely!
How would your character respond to a surprise party? She would be ecstatic! But also a bit mad that she wasn't asked to DJ
How would your character respond to another infestation of parasprites? She would probably hole up with her parents back in Manehatten!
How does your character handle rejection? Not well, she becomes jealous and hurt, and will seclude herself for a while
Dreams? Life goals? She dream of continuing to make it big Dj-ing and settle down with a nice filly or colt
What would your character do if they were told they could achieve that dream/goal? What if they were told they couldn't? She would be happy and content if she could have everything she wanted, but she would also try to make the most out of life either way


I'm very sorry, but after a discussion between us mods, we're going to have to reject your application. Thank you very much for your interest.

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